Interfaith Dialogue Confronting Extremism

The public opening session of the fourth Danish-Arab Interfaith Dialogue conference took place at Faellessalen at the Danish Parliament in May 2016 and contained speeches by politicians, religious representatives and scholars.



The participants continued the dialogue at Borups Hoejskole.



Live streaming of the opening session at the Danish Parliament


The Danish-Arab Interfaith Dialogue conference resulted in numerous tweets: #interfaithCVE@DAPPdk@Shaykhabulhuda#Hedayah#interfaith#CounterNarratives


Dr. Peter Mandaville, Senior Advisor on Religion and Global Affairs in the US Department of State, was interviewed by Rushy Rashid for the radio program “Rushy’s Roulette” on Radio24syv when he was in Copenhagen for the Danish-Arab Interfaith Dialogue Conference, 27-29 May 2016, on Interfaith Dialogue Confronting Extremism. Listen to the program here (Rushys Roulette uge 22, 2016 (1) – partly in Danish and English).

From the introduction:

“We have to stop the simple explanations that put all blame of violent extremism on religion. And we will not get very far if we do not begin to involve religious leaders as part of the solution in fighting the menace of extremism.” So direct is the message from John Kerry’s religious adviser Peter Mandaville who was in Copenhagen last week. Copenhagen’s Bishop Peter Skov-Jakobsen is also guest. In the panel is Pernille Vermund, president of De Nye Borgerlige – Ellie Jokar, multi-artist – Jon Stephensen, Theatre Director at Aveny T.
Mass immigration has strong bearing in a new demographic prognosis – In 2020, 9.6% of the Danish population will consist of non-Western immigrants and descendants. Do the constant focus on figures strengthen the voices in our society that fear immigration and thus divide the population?

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